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Brinks Home Security has been discontinued. That’s right. The legendary Brinks is no more. Customers were thrilled with the service they provided, which was secure and reliable. When Brinks got taken over by ADT, former customers reportedly claimed they found it difficult to adjust to ADT’s ways and were unsatisfied with the customer service they provided. Still snooping around for a Brink’s system? Check out Frontpoint.

Frontpoint provides uncomplicated, hassle-free home security with extremely competitive and affordable pricing. They have the most cutting-edge (yet most simple to set up) system on the market. Fronpoint’s home security system requires no complicated setup or wiring.

Their simple pricing structures, with no hidden costs or five-year mega contracts let you review the choices and make your own determination as to what is best for you. If you do not like it, you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund as well.

Frontpoint is known for it’s awesome customer service. This is a major plus, since most companies in this industry don’t do too well when it comes to servicing the needs of their customers.

Technology for the future

Frontpoint, hands down has the most cutting edge security technology on the market. With Brinks no longer in the picture, you can rest assured that with Frontpoint you’re still getting nothing but the best. For example, Fronpoint’s system is totally cellular. That means you do not need a phone line, or an internet connection. Their system communicates with the authorities (that is, the monitoring center who dispatch the emergency personnel) cellularly.

The entire Frontpoint system – the door/window sensors, the motion sensors and any other devices that you wish to add to your system are controllable from the Frontpoint app. The Frontpoint app can be downloaded on your phone and it’s free. Everything is built into the monthly monitoring cost – even the cellular SIM-card that goes inside your control panel. No extra charges for that.


So with the app, you can view live video (if add cameras to the system), control and view the temperature at home, control your thermostats, lights, garage doors and get text alerts or email alerts/notifications. But that’s just a few of the many features the Frontpoint app has to offer. The app is crazy awesome. There’s so much you can do with it. You’ll need to call Frontpoint and talk with one of their reps to truly understand everything it can do for you.

The app can also be accessd online via the web from any computer or laptop. A phone app is not necessary. And yes, you can do all of this from anywhere, absolutely anywhere in the world.

Frontpoint’s phone number? 866-363-2035. You can also visit them by clicking the link below:

Ridiculously easy

So as stated above, the Frontpoint system is really really easy to install. The control panel (the Simon) has no messy wiring or setup requirements. Everything is wireless and easy to install. The panel truly is plug and play.

Unlike with local, smaller companies, you do not have to make any appointments with installers and ensure you are at home during a particular 3-4 hour time frame for the installation. No installation fees either.

Great savings

Frontpoint is known for its clear pricing. What they tell you is what you get. There are no hidden fees or extra service charges.

No pushy sales tactics

One of the many other great things about Frontpoint is no obnoxious and pushy salesmen that will call to harass you into buying their system. This is huge.

Get in touch with Frontpoint today. Visit their site here, and try to get in touch with one of their reps using the ‘get quote’ form on the right side of the page or call them direct at 866-363-2035.

Three Things Burglars Don’t Like

1. Time – They don’t like to take a lot of time.

2. Noise – They don’t like to make a lot of noise.

3. Being seen – They want to commit their crime without being seen.

So what? Just this. That means that everything we do is going to make them take time, make noise and be seen. Do you see how simple this is?

I’ll make a few more generalizations. Most burglars are opportunistic. They take advantage of opportunities. If they see an opportunity to commit a crime, they do. If they don’t see an opportunity, they might not have thought to even commit the crime. They have little planning before committing their crimes around a Brinks home security system.

Most burglars are unskilled. They take advantage of weakness. When I was at the National Crime Prevention Institute, one of the instructors talked about a method burglars use to drill a hole into a certain type of lock, and then use an ice pick to open it. When I got back to work, I asked all the other officers on my department if anyone had ever seen that method used.

He no. Not one officer had ever seen or even heard of anything like that. What they did see was plenty of shoeprints where someone kicked a flimsy door open to gain entry. Most of the burglars aren’t sophisticated enough to know how to drill a lock. But they are smart enough to be able to figure out how to kick in a weak door.

When Do Most Burglaries Occur?

Quick, when do most burglaries occur, in the daytime or at night? Well the obvious answer is at night. That’s also the wrong answer. More burglaries happen during the day. Why would that be?

A burglar, even though not the most intelligent person, is not completely stupid either. He doesn’t want to get caught. When is he more likely to get caught, when someone is home at the house he’s entering, or when there is no one home? Right, when there is no one home. When is there less likely to be no on home? Very good, it’s during the daytime, when most people are at work. There is also less chance of him being seen by neighbors during the daytime too, as they’re also presumably at work more often during the day as well.

What About My Brinks Alarm System?

What about my alarm system? Won’t that keep me safe? No, it won’t. It might deter some burglars from entering your home, if they know you’ve got one installed. But burglar alarms aren’t designed to keep people out. They are designed to either scare burglars away who are in the act of breaking in, to alert residents that someone is in the act of breaking in, or to notify police that someone is breaking in and hopefully they’ll be able to catch him.

Brinks alarm system installers fit into two camps, good and bad. Some know what they are doing, and some don’t. It’s up to you to try to figure out which is which. Here’s another example. A liquor store was recently broken into. Strange, but the burglar alarm never went off. When the store owner complained to the alarm company, it turned out that six months earlier an alarm technician had been working on the alarm. When he got done working, he somehow forgot to reactivate the alarm. So for the past six months the storeowner had been paying for alarm coverage that didn’t exist.

At risk of alienating my fellow police officers and my colleagues in the building trades, locksmith and alarm business, there are many fine, dedicated professionals in the all these fields. But there are some who aren’t. They don’t care about you or they don’t know what to do to protect you. The only person you can rely on to protect yourself is you.

I’m going to give you the basic information you’ll need to make your home or apartment more secure. What you do with the information is up to you. You can use it and reduce your chance of being a burglary victim. Or you can do nothing, keep rolling the dice that your house won’t be picked out by some crazy psychotic burglar, and continue to believe that everything will be alright and it can’t happen to you.


With the pay as you go option, the Blackbox is $649.95 regardless of what plan you choose. With this option, you pay the plan subscription on a month to month basis and can choose to discontinue service at any time. The plan prices for the pay as you go option are the same as the plan prices with the 4-year plan. The 3-year plan gets you a discount on the Blackbox and if you get the 4-year plan with the Complete plan, the Blackbox is free!

If you decide to move during your 4-year term, there is no relocation/activation fee. You simply unplug your control panel and remove the sensors from the doors/windows at your old home and plug in the panel and stick the sensors at your new location. In case you moved, all you would need to do is update us with your new Brinks monitoring address so that we can notify or the central monitoring station depending on what kind of monitoring you choose: self-monitoring, professional or both!

With geo location services you can have the system arm and disarm based on your location but for the locks they won’t physically lock or unlock automatically, but you can receive text or email notifications letting you know that you forgot to arm your lock and you can then lock/unlock using your phone app. However, you can set up triggers with your locks, thermostats and lights so that as soon as you unlock the front door for example, the lights will turn on and the thermostat will start adjusting to a certain temperature.

Armorax Plans

Highlights of the Brinks Home Security System

– Yes, you own the equipment once the contractual term is over.

– Yes, you may purchase 2GIG sensors from elsewhere and you can then email us their TXID numbers and we can configure them to your system at no cost. However if you choose to buy the sensors from us I could talk to my manager about getting you a discount on the equipment.

– Yes, you may purchase Z-Wave devices elsewhere but you’ll have to configure those yourself but we can walk you through the process.

– Yes, the Blackbox system works with other Z-Wave devices (home automation/security devices).

– The sensors in the Blackbox are indeed 2GIG sensors.

– Our central monitoring stations is ‘COPS Monitoring.’ They are stationed in a number of states, however they notify your local authorities in case of an emergency.

– Our system is DIY but really it’s DFY (Done-for-you). All the sensors come pre-programmed so the system is truly plug and play. All you need to do is plug in the control panel, stick the sensors using the double-sided adhesive provided and you’re all set! We even send a desktop stand for the control panel so that you don’t have to mount it to the wall. There is no activation or relocation fee if you were ever to move. All you need to do is unplug your panel and take it where you go.

Brinks Pricing

We have 2 self-monitoring plans: $24.95/month and $29.95/month. Both these plans get you an account, which allows you to control your system through any internet-connected device such as smartphone/PC/tablet. The difference between these 2 plans is that the $29.95/month plan also gets you video monitoring access.

We have 2 professional monitoring plans: $44.95/month and $49.95/month. Both these plans get you an account for mobile self-monitoring, as well as 24/7 central station monitoring. The difference between these 2 plans is that the $49.95 plan includes video monitoring as well.

Armorax Carbon Monoxide

With the self-monitoring plans, we have a 4-year contract option and the Blackbox is for a $199 down. With the professional monitoring plans we have a 3-year contract and the Blackbox is for a $199 down. We also have a 4-year contract with professional monitoring that gets you the Blackbox absolutely free (otherwise retails for $796).

There are 3 Brinks packages to choose from. The Blackbox Original package comes with the new GC3 control panel, 2 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor, yard sign and window decals. The Blackbox Perimeter package comes with the GC3 panel, 4 door/window sensors, yard sign and window decals. The Blackbox Perimeter Plus comes with the GC3 panel, 2 door/window sensors, 1 glass break sensor, yard sign and window decals.


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Joe Farrel
Joe Farrel is a writer, technology junkie and dog lover. He has a keen understanding of green technologies and wireless home automation products and is hopelessly obsessed with smartphones. When not working, Joe enjoys playing video games, reading tech blogs and watching stand-up comedy.

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