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No matter which security company you're with, chances are you're most likely on a contract. Signing up for a contract is usually the smart thing to do because it gives you a break on the upfront equipment cost. But getting out of a contract before the term is up can sometimes get messy. Below is a guide on how to cancel and what to expect with these different home security companies.

How to cancel Frontpoint

Frontpoint has a pretty generous trial period at 30 days, giving you ample time to test out the system to see if it suits your requirements. If you're not satisfied for any reason, you can send it back for a full refund and Frontpoint will even pay for the return shipping. However, if you're past the 30 day mark, you'll need to pay a termination fee to get out of the contract - 80% of the remainder of the term. For example, let's say you've had your Frontpoint system for 24 months and the contract you're under is a 36 month contract. That means you must pay 80% of the remaining 12 months. If your monthly rate is $40/month, your termination fee based on the 80% would be $384.

On the bright side, Frontpoint has great customer service, so even if you need to cancel at least the process won't be bitter. A Frontpoint rep might even be able to cut you a deal. To cancel your contract and to discuss your options, contact Frontpoint's support line at (855) 705-5071. A scenario where you could possibly avoid going out of pocket is if you transfer the account to a new homeowner's name. This is an option that could be discussed with a Frontpoint representative.

If you're planning on moving to a new home security company, perhaps you're just getting started with your research on the next best alternative. Most of our readers who cancel their Frontpoint contracts end up going with Link Interactive. Link Interactive, just like Frontpoint, is a DIY security company that sells in all 50 states and has many overlapping features with Frontpoint. Link Interactive uses the same exact iPhone/Android app as Frontpoint. Moreover, Link Interactive uses 2GIG Technologies for their equipment, which is a brand of security equipment a lot of customers swear by. To learn more about Link Interactive simply click the button below:

See Frontpoint Alternative >>

How to cancel ADT

Most ADT contracts are 36 months long. Because ADT sells through a wide network of authorized dealers, the trial period or money back guarantee period varies from dealer to dealer, but for the most part it is a 6 month money back guarantee. It is best to first call your authorized dealer (the actual company that sold you the ADT alarm - if you bought the system off a door to door salesman, that salesman is an employee of the authorized dealer).

The money back guarantee period can vary from the government-mandated 3-day cooling off period to 30 days to the aforementioned 6 months. Once you're past the trial period, you're liable to pay three quarters (75%) of the remaining contract if you want out. The only circumstance in which you can bypass having to pay the termination fee is if you're in the military being deployed to an area that cannot be serviced by ADT. To cancel ADT, call ADT's corporate support line at (800) 280-6946. To find the contact info for your local authorized ADT dealer, visit our ADT Dealer Database - good luck!

How to cancel Protect America

Protect America contracts are the standard 36 months and their trial period is a reasonable 14 days. Their termination fee is a whopping 100% of the remaining contract! To avoid paying the fees, either decide within the 14 days or if you can't, find someone to transfer your account to if you must break the contract.

How to cancel Vivint

Vivint contracts are tough to cancel because (a) they don't have great customer service and (b) they have long contracts. With Vivint, you're either locked in to a 42-month or 60-month contract. They have no trial period (just the government-mandated 3 days which isn't enough time to decide at all). The termination fee is 100% of the remaining contract. Yikes. On top of that, Vivint requires a 30-day written notice that needs to be emailed/mailed to them prior to cancellation. This only slows down the process even more. With most other security companies, a simple phone call for cancellation will do.

How to cancel Protection 1

Protection 1 offers 36-month contracts with a 14-day refund policy. Like with Vivint and Protect America, you pay 100% of the remaining contract if you go over the 14-day trial. In order to cancel, you need to call them at 877.776.1911.

How to cancel SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe has no contracts and therefore no termination fee. Cancelling their service is simple. All you need to do is call their customer support line at 888.957.4675.

How to cancel Scout Alarm

Like SimpliSafe, Scout Alarm has no contracts and therefore no associated penalty for termination. If you wish to cancel your monitoring all you need to do is call 844-AT-SCOUT. Your plan will remain active until the end of your billing cycle but will not automatically renew after.

How to cancel Brinks

Brinks (formerly known as LiveWatch), has the most relaxed policy when it comes to the termination of its contracts. They offer a 12-month contract and there is absolutely no penalty if you cancel any time! You have to send back your equipment if you're still within the 12-month contract. Once it is assessed and if it's in good condition, they might even give you a refund for the equipment. If you've passed the 1-year mark, you can keep the system and use it without professional monitoring.

How to cancel Monitronics

Monitronics has 36-month contracts to up to 60-month contracts. Their trial period is the government-mandated 3-day cooling off period so once you're past the 3 days you're looking at paying 80% of the remaining contract. They require a written notice of cancellation and you need to call them if you just want to pay off the remaining balance of your contract.

How to cancel Guardian

Guardian has a 36-month contract and a 3-day trial (government-mandated). If you decide you don't want to move forward with service after the third day, you're looking at paying 100% of the remaining contract, so we suggest really testing out the system during those 3 days to make sure it's for you. To cancel, simply call Guardian's hotline.

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